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Astrological Overview: May 6 - 12, 2024

Astrologer Pam Younghans writes this weekly astrological journal based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies. This column is not intended as prediction. Your own experience will be more specifically defined by transits to your personal chart.

Aspects of Note this Week:

All times listed are Pacific Standard Time. For Eastern Time, add 3 hours; Add 7 hours for Universal Time (UT), but add 8 hours for BST.

Monday: Saturn semisquare Pluto, Mercury conjunct Chiron, Sun sextile Saturn
Tuesday: New Moon 8:21 p.m. 18 Taurus 02
Wednesday: No major aspects are exact today
Thursday: No major aspects are exact today
Friday: Mars semisquare Uranus, Venus semisquare Neptune
Saturday: Mercury conjunct Eris
Sunday: No major aspects are exact today


NEW MOON: The Sun and Moon align in peace-loving Taurus at 8:21 p.m. PDT on May 7, marking the beginning of a new lunar cycle. Although we usually think of The Bull as being somewhat slower moving and resistant to change, this New Moon could manifest in major changes due to its proximity to Uranus and to Jupiter. And, while Taurus usually prefers comfort and simplicity, it is best not to expect life to feel familiar or to be uncomplicated now. 

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In essence, this week's lunation is reactivating the energies of the recent Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and weaving its bright colors into the tapestry of the next four weeks.

With this New Moon, we may be amazed by a new willingness to break from tradition and an ability to let go of attachment to what used to hold value for us. Jupiter and Uranus encourage us to be open to change, to be willing to take risks, and to be innovative and creative in our approach to life.

Being flexible will be essential this week, given that Uranus likes to surprise (or even shock) us and Jupiter magnifies whatever Uranus has planned. Breakthroughs and awakenings, breakdowns and rebellions, all are possible with this highly activated New Moon. The advice to "expect the unexpected" holds true throughout next week as well, due to the Sun's exact alignments with Uranus (on May 13) and with Jupiter (on May 18).

Responsible Saturn plays a beneficial role in this New Moon, being closely sextile the lunation. The Ringed Planet's influence should help us stay grounded and enable us to move consciously through any challenges. With Mars in Aries in semisquare aspect to the Sun and Moon, those challenges might arise as impulsiveness, willfulness, and frustrations or anger. 

SATURN SEMISQUARE PLUTO: Another major player in this week's events is a hard aspect between Saturn and Pluto that perfects on Monday, May 6. Both of these planets like to be in charge, and when they clash, there can be confrontations, power struggles, and manipulations.

On a personal level, this Saturn-Pluto semisquare requires us to be strong in our inner authority and in the knowing that our true personal power can never be diminished, not by others nor by circumstances. With this aspect, we may be tested by situations that seem to be outside of our control, that tempt us to "lose our cool," overreact, and scatter our energies.

Since both Saturn and Pluto move fairly slowly through the zodiac, the effects of this aspect have been building for at least a couple of weeks. The influence is especially strong right now, not only because of the exact aspect, but also because Pluto is virtually at a standstill, having stationed just last week.

SOLAR FLARE EXTRAVAGANZA: It's been a very active week on the Sun. In the past 24 hours alone (as of 8 a.m. PDT on Sunday, May 5), our Central Star has released two X-class flares (the highest level), two very high M-class flares (almost-X-class), six other M-class flares, two high C-class flares, and more than a dozen lesser C-class eruptions. 

This solar activity is in many ways similar to the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, inviting us to make major leaps in consciousness. But it also carries some of the Saturn-Pluto semisquare effect, challenging us to face and process whatever issues come to the surface, whether emotionally or physically. 

As forecast by the experts, it seems clear that we are in the year of Solar Maximum, when there are many more and stronger solar flares than at other times in the Sun's eleven-year cycle. Studies show that heightened solar activity corresponds with times of greater social change, with revolutions being a common manifestation. This effect is thought to be due to the impact of solar flares and geomagnetic activity on the electromagnetics of the human brain.

THIS WEEK'S ASPECTS: Here are my brief interpretations of this week's most important planetary aspects: 
Saturn semisquare Pluto: Tension is heightened now, as different factions vie for power. We may grapple with our own feelings about the world being out of control.
Mercury conjunct Chiron: This aspect supports honest conversations on sensitive subjects.
Sun sextile Saturn: This aspect helps us remain patient and calm, and supports our finding practical solutions to current problems.
New Moon: The Sun and Moon align at 18° 02´ Taurus at 8:21 p.m. PDT on May 7. This is likely to be highly eventful and perhaps surprising lunar cycle, due to the reactivation of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.
Wednesday & Thursday
No major aspects are exact on these two days.
Mars semisquare Uranus: This aspect can be very impulsive and people may be easily triggered into irritation or anger. Do your best to take your time as you move through the day. 
Venus semisquare Neptune: A romanticized view of reality might prevent us from seeing red flags in relationship or financial affairs.
Mercury conjunct Eris: This aspect supports courageous and forthright communications. Conversations involve controversial issues, inspiring passionate expression of opinions.
No major aspects are exact today.



In this past year, your basic identity has undergone significant changes. You have been challenged to be independent, to be uncompromisingly authentic, and to be true to your Self. This year, drawing on a deeper understanding of your core needs and values, you are drawn to new adventures and opportunities. These will likely manifest in the area of life ruled by the house in which your Sun resides in your natal chart. Thankfully, you also retain at least some of your Taurean practicality and caution this year, which will help you take a step at a time instead of acting too impulsively. (Solar Return Sun conjunct Jupiter, sextile Saturn, conjunct Uranus)


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